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Precision Saws

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Micromet Semi Auto

Micromet Series

The Micromet cutter is ideal for cutting and thinning, with minimal loss of material. The Micromet available in three versions:

Automatic: all cutting operations are controlled from the front panel. The feed rate of the sample controled by a sensitive electro-hydraulic system.

Semi-automatic:Feeding of the sample is achieved by a counter weight system.

Manual: Manual feeding of the sample is achieved with external control lever.
Micromet Evo

Micromet Evolution

Manual and semi-automatic, the Micromet EVOLUTION is a compact and inexpensive micro cutoff machine, ideal for precision sectioning and working with delicate parts

Micromet Secotron

The SECTRON 200 is a 3-axes cutoff machine for high precision cuts, with longitudinal moving work table, precise cutting force control, cutting wheel height adjustment plus cross-feed table. Fully programmable. Ideal for electronics industry applications and R & D.