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Cleaning Agents

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Cleaning Agents

Lapmaster cleaning agents and solvents are custom-formulated to match the various lubricants and vehicles that we offer. In addition, these formulations can also be tailored to meet the needs of the end user including:
  • Solubility (oil, water or emulsion) Concentration.
  • Reactivity to temperature.
  • Reactivity to chemistry or minerals.
  • Chemical Purity.
  • Reduced or Eliminated Ionic levels.
  • Ability to enhance rinsing.
  • Ability to enhance washing.
  • Film-residue characteristics.
  • Ability to dry (or stay wet).
  • Disposal issues.

Lapmaster’s cleaning agents and solvents are normally sold in a wet state and are available in 5 gallon or 55 gallon containers (some formulations are also available in 1-gallon ...

ultrasonic cleaning solutions

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

beakers and accessories

Beakers & Accessories

When ordering ultrasonic cleaning units; mesh baskets, beaker holder or perforated insert tray is also required. Cover is included.
ultrasonic degreaser

Ultrasonic Degreaser

Cleaning Agents

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid