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Abrasive Powders

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Lapmaster Abrasives - Aluminum Oxide


Lapmaster Abrasives - Silicon Carbide


Lapmaster Abrasives - Boron Carbide


Lapmaster Abrasives - Diamond Powder

For those customers who have applications involving the use of dry diamond powder, Lapmaster offers three (3) types of diamond: Monocrystalline Synthetic (both resin and metal bond), Polycrystalline Synthetic, and Natural diamond powder. Due to the varying characteristics and cost of the different types of diamond, Lapmaster will recommend the appropriate diamond type for your application

Lapmaster Abrasives - White Calcined Alumina

This material provides faster cutting rates, lower heat generation, and lower stress levels on sensitive parts because of the hexagonal plate like crystals, which ensure maximum surface contact resulting in more even distribution of pressure over a large portion of the surface. The higher concentration of working particles results in virtually no component surface scratching. This abrasive is designed for sensitive applications where tight particle size control and coarse grain control are necessary.

The suspension treated products are for use with water vehicles and aid in the prevention of hard packing. Dispersion and suspension properties are improved.


Polishing Media