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Optical Pitch Polishing Machines

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  • The Lapmaster 48 air bearing optical polishing machine is designed for production of large area high quality plano optics, or where high outputs are required.
  • The machine has a 48 inch (1219 mm) optical pitch annular lap, and three work stations that can be reciprocated.
  • As with other machines in the series, unlike conventional so called “worm and wheel” polishers, the pitch lap spindle is not mounted on a mechanical reduction gear box. The unique air bearing feature has the pitch lap and its support plate riding on a very thin cushion of compressed air. This gap is only a few thousandths of an inch wide.
  • Drive is from an electric motor via a lay shaft, and is transferred to the lap using a multi vee drive belt located on ...


  • This machine is designed primarily for the production of high quality plano-optics, such as proof flats, etalons, prisms, filters, windows and ring laser gyroscope blanks.
  • It has a unique feature in its use of a dynamic air bearing which supports the rotating mass of the pitch lap and its backing plate, drive being through a circumferential belt.
  • The virtual elimination of vibration, together with a recirculation water system to control pitch temperature, lead to dramatically improved performance.
  • It can typically produce flatness within λ/20 (He) over surfaces up to 300mm diameter, and surface texture well below10ÅRMS.