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Grinders and Polishers

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Belt Grinders

For wet or dry belt grinder for coarse grinding using 4" x 36" abrasive belts.. Features an specimen mount attachment for safety to hold the mounts perpendicular and includes a wet sink for rinsing samples.


Stone Grinders

A powerful and fast plane grinding machine for pre-grinding of metallographic samples. Time and cost can be dramatically reduced by eliminating some subsequent grinding steps and savings on consumables.

Roll Grinders


Manual and Semi-Automatic Rotary Grinder/Polishers

Lapmaster's line of grinder/polishers are constructed of heavy-duty metal housings that are coated in chemical resistant oven baked paint with stainless steel drainers and powerful gear driven motors.

These easy to use polishers will stand up the harshest environments yet produce high quality finished products that are vital to any metallographic lab application.


Fully Automatic Grinding/Polishing Systems

ROBOMET is a fully automatic grinding-polishing system, designed for the preparation of samples using parameters designated by the user.
The system consists of a sample holder head surrounded by five working stations and one cleaning/drying station.
The operator is protected from the work area by a plexiglas hood equipped with a safety micro-switch
Each preparation program can be composed of a maximum of 100 steps, divided into groups of four steps at a time.
Initial grinding by stone wheel to insure absolute flatness.
Rotation of the sample holder is bi-directional, at speeds between 0 and 300 rpm.
Running cycles can be interrupted and re-started at any time.
Control of 7 fluids: Water, ...

Vibratory Polishers