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WIKI 100 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

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WIKI 100 JS it' is a Vickers and micro Vickers Hardness Tester conforms to EN-ISO 6506 / 6507 / 4545 / JISZ2251 ASTM E-92 / ASTM 384.Conforms to CE safety with emergency button. Digital display and motorized load cell aligned with the indenter. Closed Loop System (patent AFFRI) for micro-and macro-hardness: Vickers - Knoop. Motorized automatic turret at 6 step to select till 4 objectives and 2 indenters for Vickers and Knoop. Pressing the power-up the measuring head moves down till it take contact with the surface to examine, performs the indentation & switching on objective for measurement.

The WIKI 100JS no need to be levelled. The image can be zoomed to optimize vision and easy measured on large 24" LCD screen. 4 simple operation steps in order to execute the complete test cycle
1- See test sample area.
2- Select the test force to generate on test piece
3- Click Start
4- measure Automatically or manually the indentation with a fine focus

Technical Features:

Auto and gradual application of the load with high precision by the load cell and closed loop control.
Digital resolution 0.1 HV / HK manual fine focus adjustment.
Built-in camera 1.3 Mega Pixel HD auto-iris.
Energy efficient lighting with cool LED light.
Automatic cycle (indentation and switch on indentation with objective).
Automatic and manual measure system by means of integrate software. RS 232 / USB out put data transmission.
Work table 250 x 150 mm to support heavy parts.
Height capacity 300 mm
Depth capacity 135 mm
Net weight 160 Kg
Power supply 220 V 50/60 Hz


Work Table

250 x 150 mm to support heavy parts


220 V


50/60 Hz


WIKI 100 & 200 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester Brochure
(PDF, 1245KB)

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