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INTEGRAL 1 Hardness Tester

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  1. Hardness tester to check every type of material in accordance to Rockwell ISO 6508 - Brinell ISO 6506-2- Vickers ISO 6507-2, ASTM E 18, ASTME10 SHORE ASTM 2240 - STANDARD when equipped with right accessories. The most accurate and most advanced technology in the world. Scanning load closed loop accuracy at the frequency of 1000 control per second.
  2. Automatic Rockwell measurement even on deflective part or tubes without need internal reaction support. Clamping system at adjustable and programmable pressure to assure stability even on deflective parts. Vertical stroke of head from up to down 500 mm automatically till take contact with test piece and generate indentation and measure with auto focus and auto measure from every starting distance. Separate LCD 17" touch screen with rotating harm including command Integrated turret 6 positions 3 indenters and 3 optics at request Autofocus Fix work table 400 x 400 mm able to support heavy part 2000 Kg weight
  3. Equipped with optical measure through CCD camera and electronic analysis of image Brinell and Vickers to have accurate measure and eliminate problem of eyes problem of operator equipped with fully Automatic Brinell and Vickers measure when possible, manual on not easy surfaces.
  4. Automatic motorized head vertical movement for 500 mm Depth capacity: 170 mm
  5. Only one single start push button input generating without brake: Automatic surface research contact from 0 to 500 mm distance, automatic loading, unloading switching objective, automatic measure.
  6. Sturdy Base 400 x 400 mm to support small and large piece over 2000 Kg weight.
  7. Auto turret (pneumatic power) to self switch indenter and lens in 2 positions as standard need power by air compressor, 1. as option is available auto-turret at 5 steps 3 different indenters + 2 objectives total 5 step rotating in vertically axis to the indentation to assure every time the perpendicular position also under load pressure
  8. Automatic selection of test loads controlled by load cell and closed loop, AFFRI patent inside.
  9. Automatic check up for correct indenter and correct optic objective installed on and alarm if not correct.
  10. Projection screen at colour 17 " rotating for 90º for easy vision
  11. Integrate keyboard on the screen trough touch screen LCD 17" rotating for 90º for easy vision
  12. CCD camera and cold light saving energy and high illumination fully integrated and self adjusting light.
  13. Routine menu, scrolling trough touch screen including customized data, comment for the test procedure, load, dwell time, tolerance for hardness range, automatic store data and automatic statistic, histogram. Image indentation, hardness value, statistic and histogram of current data fully in same time on same page screen. Possibility to create customized report trough Excel package or other data file trough Windows Xp installed
  14. Simple integrating the machine in automatic line for fast test immediate start input and out put data.
  15. Able to test exactly also on flexible or unstable surfaces. Can accept deflection of sample max 400mm self compensating during the test for Rockwell test.
  16. Able to works near to vibration source and if inclined and not require to be leveled.
  17. No need to repeat the test, the first test is already valid also on oiled parts.
  18. Other dimension over the standard can be create n demand of customer.
  19. Power source 220-240V single phase + ground is required also stabilized voltage
  20. Power source for air compressed 5 ATM clean, filtered and dry
  21. All part are conform to the CE mark and for safety protection
  22. Emergency button for stop the machine and safety protection is included and conform to CE MARK
  23. Double start command for safety protection are included and conform CE mark
  24. Error message appear on the screen to guide operator on problem
  25. Leveling of the machine are not need because the integrated mechanical parts have been calculated do not suffer for fault levelling or near to vibration source, machine can be operative also if inclined.
  26. All software run under windows Xp principle and can utilize Win package
  27. Operating room must be conform to International standards 24 +/- 5ºC humidity 45% +/- 15% and no dust and not metallic pollutions on the air conform to safety protection for operator and prevent accidental damage on electronic circuit.Test load for Vickers : 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 100 Kg
    Test load for Brinell : 10, 15.6, 30, 31.2, 62.5, 125, 187,5, 250, 500, 750
    Rockwell : 15, 30, 45, 60, 100, 150
    Electrical Power: 220 - 240 V Single phase+ ground
    Compressed air pressure / flow - min 4 bar 5 litre minute
    Dimensions: 100 x 130 x 180h cm.



220 - 240 V




100 x 130 x 180h cm


LCD 17" touch screen


INTEGRAL 1 Hardness Tester Brochure
(PDF, 175KB)

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