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AC MicroLine 700-D

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Double-sided system for simultaneous deburring on both sides

The PETER-WOLTERS microLine AC700 double-sided batch machining system has been designed for high-precision series production of work pieces. Thanks to its modular structure, it is already in use as a precision grinding, lapping, honing and polishing machine. LAPMASTER-WOLTERS is now offering a patented solution for the microLine AC 700 with a newly developed tool for double-sided deburring applications in one working step. The changeover to a double-sided precision grinding machine for deburring applications could not be easier. All that is required is to replace the precision grinding wheels by brush wheels, and to deactivate the central measurement control. This means a precision grinding machine is basically suitable for deburring, and can also be used as a combination machine.

Features of AC 700-D

• Patented solution with newly developed tool

for double-sided deburring application in one working step

• Ideal process for magnetic and non-magnetic components

• Components are inserted in carrier wheels without the need for chucking or clamping, no

magnetization or degaussing required

• Targeted edge rounding by individual setting parameters

• Deburring on both sides without turning the work pieces

• Low machine investment because of dual use possibility of a double-sided system for grinding and deburring

• Low space requirement due to small footprint

• Simple connection to a double-sided precision grinding machine due to equivalent work piece handling


• Adapts easily to customer’s application requirements

• High degree of stiffness and precision

• Fast – ergonomic loading and unloading, as well as easy tool changing

• Optimum surface quality, flatness, thickness tolerance and plane parallelism with narrowest tolerances on the work piece

• Extreme temperature stabilization over the tool surface and therefore constant flatness of the working wheels

• Reduced cost per piece, shorter loading, unloading, non-productive times

• Comprehensive, clearly structured screens

• Excellent machining results due to compliance

with freely programmable process parameters

• Fast response to load changes (hysteresis free)

• User friendly, intuitive operation

• Capable of storing 60 or more processing programs

• Low operating costs

• Individual process development, highest productivity

• Easy to maintain


• AC 700 can be configured to the respective application and is suitable for grinding, lapping, honing, polishing and deburring

• Top variant features constant-torque servo drives

• Size of the work piece to process is the basis for selecting the optimum rotating device. Several variants to choose from

• Machine comes with suitable filters and cooling components depending on the application

AC 700 can be linked with manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic loading systems



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