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Lapmaster-Wolters SpeedFam–PW-SPITFIRE ML-15 Single-Side Lapping Machine

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Lapmaster-Wolters SpeedFam–PW-SPITFIRE  ML-15 Single-Side Lapping Machine

• Abrasive Plate OD: 15”
• Abrasive Plate Thickness: 1 1/16”
• Number of Retaining Rings: 3
• Main Drive Moter: 1/2 HP
• Electrical: 120V-60Hzsingle
• Diameter of 3 Retaining Rings: 5 7/16”
• Abrasive Plate RPM: 60
• Abrasive Feed Motor: 1/20 HP
• Dimensions: 32”x 26”x 12”
• Weight: 550 lbs.

Standard Features Included With the Machine:
• Cross Hatched/Solid reversible Plate
• Three (3) Spiral-Grooved Pressure Plates
• Standard Tool Set

MACHINE BASE - Heavy steel weldment construction with multiple access doors for maintenance.
WORK TABLE – All machines are equipped with a spacious work table that can serve as a staging area for loading, inspection or preloading of parts.
CALIPER CONTROL ARMS – Standard equipment on basic machine models. They provide easy positioning of work on the abrasive machining plate to maintain flatness.
DRIVE SYSTEM – The machining plate is driven through an efficient belt drive. The drive motor is permanently lubricated. The torque area is conveniently located for drive belt adjustment.
RIGID MACHINING PLATE SUPPORT SYSTEM – Consisting of a spindle, tapered bearings in a cast iron housing, and a subplate. This design permits the user to run with an unbalanced load condition on the machining plate, such as when using only one machining station.
CROSSHATCH SERRATED AND SOLID LAPPING PLATE – The lapping plate is reversible with crosshatch-serrated plate on one side and a solid surface on the other. The serrated plate provides the most efficient means of feeding the abrasive/media between the plate and the work being machines. The serrations provide channels for the abrasive/media.
ABRASIVE MEDIA FEED SYSTEM - Totally self-contained unit agitates (for suspension) and automatically dispenses abrasive\media onto the machining plate.
30-MINUTE CYCLE TIMER – Provides an accurate time cycle for control of stock removal and precise production control. 15 min., 60 min. and other timers are available upon request

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