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Item # Model 56, Model 56 Precision Open Face Flat Lapping Machines

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  • The Lapmaster Model 56 machine is an uprated version of the Model 48, with a larger diameter lap plate and support plate and correspondingly larger conditioning rings.
  • The serrated lap plate is made up of twenty four individual segments which are bolted to the support plate.
  • The height of the surrounding worktable can be adjusted so that it can be set just above the lap plate surface to prevent the sharp edge being exposed.
  • The lap plate drive system uses a separate motor and worm and wheel reduction gearbox with multibelt drive and is mounted in a substantial floor standing base. The base is fabricated from welded hollow-section steel, clad with removable panels for maintenance. The electrical controls are housed in a console mounted at the front of the machine, and a second emergency stop button is fitted at the rear of the machine.
  • The machine uses a free abrasive slurry, which is supplied from a separate free standing reservoir, equipped with a pump and driven blade stirrer. A diamond slurry dispensing system can also be fitted if required.
  • This machine is also available in pneumatic lift version and as an open face machine with three special size conditioning rings.

Specifications  · Standard Features  · Standard Tooling  · Available Options


Model Type


No. of Conditioning Rings


Ring ID

20.875 inches

Plate Diameter

56 inches

Working Height

39 inches

Standard RPM


RPM Range (with Variable Speed Drive)


Drive Motor - Lapper

15 HP

Drive Motor - Polisher

15 HP

Length (Open Face)

91 inches

Width (Open Face)

73 inches

Height (Open Face)

59 inches

Length (Pneumatic Lift)

91 inches

Width (Pneumatic Lift)

73 inches

Height (Pneumatic Lift)

84 inches

Est. Shipping Weight (O/F)

9000 lbs

Est. Shipping Weight (P/L)

10,000 lbs

Standard Features
  • Heavy duty floor standing base, with integrally mounted drive motor, reduction gearbox, abrasive distribution system and complete with control panel.
  • Heavy duty work table, vertically adjustable.
  • Four conditioning rings with adjustable roller bearing yoke assemblies to maintain lap flatness.
  • Freestanding abrasive system complete with pump (0.24kW/0.3hp) driven stirrer (0.37kW/0.5hp) tank (115 litres) and multiple point distribution.
  • Electrical system wired for : 220V 3 phase 50Hz or 380V 3 phase 50Hz or 415V 3 phase 50Hz with operator controls at 110V. Complies with EN 60 204.
  • Operator control panel with start and stop controls and multiple range, automatic cycle timer.
  • High torque drive unit consisting of 11kW/15hp motor and reduction gearbox. An electronic soft start unit is fitted as standard which smoothly accelerates the lap plate from standstill to full speed, 48rpm, over a controlled time period.
  • 37 litre capacity waste container

Standard Tooling
  • Cast iron serrated lap plate (consisting of twenty four individual segments) 1422 mm O.D. x 368 mm I.D. 56" O.D. x 14.5" I.D. Wear life 100 mm/4.0".
  • Four high density cast iron serrated conditioning rings 585mm O.D. x 530 mm I.D. 23.0" O.D. x 20.8" I.D. Wear life 70 mm/2.8".
  • Four workholder blanks
  • Starter sample of Lapmaster abrasive
  • Starter sample of Lapmaster lapping vehicle
  • Set of Allen keys.
  • Operation and maintenance manual.
NOTE: No pressure weights or felt padsare supplied normally, as for most work using this size of machine sufficient lapping load is obtained from the weight of the components themselves. These items can be offered on request.

Available Options
  • 3 ring model. (I.D. 578 mm/22.8")
  • Variable speed lap drive (using frequency inverter).
  • Water cooled lap plates.
  • Non-standard voltages.
  • Enlarged, moveable work table to improve multiple parts handling.

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