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Floor Standing Single Sided Machinery

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Model 24

  • The pneumatic lift version of the Model 24 is based on the open face machine, but has the pressure weights attached to the rods of three pneumatic cylinders. Self aligning bearings accommodate any slight vertical misalignment and ensure an even pressure is applied to components inside the conditioning ring.
  • The Model 24 diamond flat lapping/polishing machine is a popular choice for lapping of mechanical seal faces and a variety of valve components, eg : pressure relief valve bodies and caps, and parallel slide valves, both in original manufacture and in maintenance and repair workshops.

Model 36

  • The pneumatic lift version of the Lapmaster Model 36 is based on the Open Face design, but the pressure weights are attached, through selfaligning bearings, to the rods of three pneumatic cylinders. These are mounted vertically on sliding rails within a fabricated hollow assembly, known as a “spider bar”. This fabrication is cantilevered over the lap plate and is mounted onto a tubular upright column bolted to the machine frame. The free end is restrained by a tierod to prevent excessive bending stress when high lapping pressures are used.
  • The primary function of the pneumatic arrangement is to permit loading and unloading to be carried out without the need to lift pressure weights manually. However they can be used ...

Model 48

  • The Lapmaster Model 48 machine features rugged construction, and is equipped with a 48 inch (1219 mm) diameter cast iron lap plate.
  • The lap plate is made up of individual segments bolted to a cast iron support plate. These segments are massive enough to provide long life in high production environments, even with multi-shift operation. the surrounding work table can be simply adjusted as the lap plate wears, so that the sharp edge is never exposed.
  • The lap plate drive system uses a separate motor and worm and wheel mechanical reduction gear box with multi-belt drive, and is mounted in a floor standing base.
  • This is a fabricated steel channel framework with removable panels for ease of access during maintenance.
  • The ...
model 72

Model 72

    The Model 72 machine is, as with all the other machines in the series, of the ring lapping type, but its design is different because of its larger size.
  • Unlike the others, which have a panel clad body, the Model 72 uses a cruciform shaped structural steel base. The mechanical reduction gearbox is mounted at the centre of the base, with the drive motor to one side. Drive is transmitted via multiple vee belts, and the moving parts of the system are enclosed within a mesh guard. At the end of each arm of the cross are mounted hollow section upright columns.
  • These support the trough surrounding the lap plate and provide the mounting point for each of the four roller yokes. The cast iron serrated lap plate is made up of sixteen ...
model 84

Model 84

    The Lapmaster Model 84 machine for standard duty applications is equipped with four work stations.
  • The machine includes a fabricated base assembly with segment support plate, splash trough and four equally spaced pillars. The four roller yokes and splash trough are mounted off pillars. The yokes can be positioned independently inboard or outboard for conditioning ring placement required to maintain a flat lap plate. The four conditioning rings are driven by the friction of the rotating lap plate and guided on the O.D. by the yokes and bearing assemblies.
  • A thirty gallon capacity floor standing slurry tank and pump assembly is included. The abrasive distribution system will have the continuous agitation feature which permits ...
Model 56 Precision Open Face Flat Lapping Machines

Model 56 Precision Open Face Flat Lapping Machines

Single Side Fine Grinding

In the field of single side lapping/polishing/flat honing we propose a wide range of models from the smallest one, very convenient, to the completely automatic one and offer technological solutions as per the characteristics of the machined parts and the required production volumes. All our one wheel machines, with plate diameter 360 1400mm and over, with 3 or 4 rings, can have equipment such as:
  • Wheels in different materials and specials distributors
  • Equipment designed to suit each part
  • Innovative ergonomic solutions for load/unload operations
  • Manuals or specials [also controlled by PLC] pneumatic systems, independent, equipped also with proportional pressure
  • Innovative ...