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Monochromatic Lights & Spare Parts

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  • For over 50 years, Lapmaster has served the precision optics industry through innovative design and manufacture of high-quality precision finishing systems and solutions. Our equipment and expertise is well known throughout the industry and serves some of the most demanding optics & electro-optics labs worldwide. Lapmaster Monochromatic Light Sources and Optical Flats are used for fast and accurate optical inspection of lapped surface flatness.
  • Our Monochromatic Light sources are available in both 115 V and 220 V versions. The systems sold to support maximum diameters of 6”, 12”, 13” or 16”.
  • The Lapmaster light sources are also available in configurations that support either Helium Gas lighting (CP series) or Sodium Vapor lighting (MLS series).
  • We also offer a standard “line of sight” model (optical flat on the part) or the low distortion “reflex viewer” model (part on the optical flat, optimum for parts that easily distort).
  • The Lapmaster Monochromatic Light Sources are rugged & durable, yet compact and light enough to be easily transported from one area to another, as needed.

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Item #

Item Name

Replacement Parts for

Holds Optical Flats up to Max. Diameter

LAP5-0010-004-0161 CP-1 N/A 12 inches
LAP5-0010-004-0155 CP-2 N/A 6 inches
LAP5-0010-004-0357 MLS- 8 N/A 13 inches
LAP5-0010-004-0363 MLS-8 N/A 13 inches
LAP5-0010-004-0343 MLS-16 N/A 16 inches
LAP5-0010-002-0164 Helium Tube CP-1 N/A
LAP5-0010-002-0162 Diffusing Plate CP-1 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0362 Transformer CP-1 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0341 Push Button Kit CP-1 N/A
LAP5-0010-002-0160 Helium Tube CP-2 N/A
LAP5-0010-002-0157 Diffusing Plate CP-2 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0325 Transformer CP-2 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0341 Push Button Kit CP-2 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0360 Sodium Lamp MLS- 8 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0361 Transformer MLS- 8 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0358 Diffusing Panel MLS- 8 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0359 Capacitor 5.0 MFD MLS- 8 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0350 Sodium Lamp MLS- 16 N/A
LAP5-0010-000-0349 Sodium Ballast MLS- 16 N/A
LAP5-0010-002-0346 Diffusing Panel MLS- 16 N/A
LAP5-0026-000-0200 Wall Mount Step-Down Transformer MLS- 16 N/A
  Results 1 - 21 of 21 1