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LLCD Optical Polisher

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Precision Oscillating Head Polishing Machine
  • To complement our extensive range of Single and dual face lapping and polishing machines Lapmaster has introduced a new line of precision oscillating head polishing machines.
  • Designated the LLCD series they are, primarily, Microprocessor controlled pad polishing machines specially designed for processing large area glass substrates, they can however also be used as lapping machines.
  • A self aligning swing arm assembly positioned above the polishing surface is mounted to a swivel head work piece pressure plate. Work pieces of varying geometries can be retained by surface tension or vacuum to the pressure plate.
  • The pressure plate is designed to swivel up from the horizontal working position to just past vertical to facilitate work piece loading and unloading.
  • The LLCD series is also offered in a dual faced configuration, processing both sides at once via an oscillating carrier between two rotating plates.
  • The machine consists of a heavy-duty base which houses both the polishing plate and the swing arm drive systems.
  • The Polishing plate has a polishing pad (type dependent on material to be processed) bonded directly to its upper surface.
  • Polishing compound is supplied to the centre of the Top or Bottom or both polishing plates via a re-circulatory pumped system. Water can also be supplied to the same de tination on demand.
  • The work piece pressure plate, which is positioned above the polishing plate, is attached to the swing arm via a selfaligning bearing.
  • Both the stroke and radius of the swing arm are adjustable. This unique combination of rotating plate and oscillating work piece movement ensures :
    • Maximum utilization of the polishing surface.
    • Suppression and elimination of “tracking” effects on the polishing surface.
    • Improved control of polishing surface flatness.
    • Precise optical flatness control of work piece.
  • The LLCD series of machines ability to be set up for use as a lapping or polishing means they can be used for processing large Plano optics including : Calcium, Fluoride, Fused, Silica, BK7, Quartz, Zerodur etc.
  • In addition to processing a wide variety of materials in an extensive range of industries : L.C.D, Faceplates, Silicon Wafers, I.C, Photo masks, Crystalline substrates (Sapphire, Gadolinium, Gallium Garnet etc.), Ceramics, Ferrites, Filter Glasses etc.

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Item #

Item Name

Lapping Plate Diameter

Oscillation Stroke

Main Motor Power




LLCD-600 LLCD Optical Polisher 600 mm 0 - 320 mm 2.2 kW 1700 1700 1400
LLCD-700 LLCD Optical Polisher 700 mm 0 - 320 mm 2.2 kW 1753 1753 1397
LLCD-800 LLCD Optical Polisher 800 mm 0 - 320 mm 3.7 kW 1830 1880 1600
LLCD-900 LLCD Optical Polisher 900 mm 0 - 320 mm 3.7 kW 1956 2083 1702
LLCD-1000 LLCD Optical Polisher 1000 mm 0 - 320 mm 5.5 kW 2108 2210 1829
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1